The Celestial Harp

In the late sixties I had a vision of a musical instrument that could play a person’s horoscope and also the I Ching. I spent six years developing drawings of it. In 1977 I showed the drawings to Sergai DeJong a now famous luthier. We both had a knowledge of the I Ching in common.

Sergai said he thought it was a good idea and yes that it could be built. He offered me the use of his studio and to give me advice as I worked on it. The rest is history!

The Celestial Harp was completed and strung for the first time on Apr. 9 1979, and it went on display at the World Symposium on Humanity.

It took ten years and several thousands of dollars worth of strings to develop the first reasonable tuning system. It takes about 6 months to a year for me to get used to a new tuning system. It is a fight at first, but in time it evolves and I begin to like it.

The Celestial Harp is now on its 13th tuning system and 30 cds and 2 dvds have been made.

A full documentation can be seen on the CELESTIAL HARP WEBSITE:

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