Astrologer Robin Armstrong


1971-1990 IAO Research Centre, Toronto, On.
1975-1976 CIAO, Canadian Independent Astrologers Order. Toronto, On.
1977-1988 FCA, Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers, Ottawa, On
1986-99,2007-16 ATI Astrology Toronto Inc. Toronto, On
1990-1995 OAS Ottawa Astrological Society, Ottawa, On.
1991-2001 Star Centre,  Toronto, ON
1991-1995 NGCR Toronto Chapter, National Geo-Cosmic Research Society, Toronto, On
2002-2016 Star Centre,  Toronto, ON
2007-2016 CAAE: Canadian Association for Astrological Education:

1982-Life member AFAN Association for Astrological Networking, founding member
1972-1997 AFA American Federation of Astrologers
1992-1994 ARHAT Association for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts
1985-1987, 2009-2016 ISAR International Society for Astrological Research
1990-1995, 2009-2016 NGCR National Geo-Cosmic Research Society
1993-1994 PAI Professional Astrologers Inc.

1974-1999, 2010- AA Astrological Association of England
1982-1995, 2010- FAA Federation of Australian Astrologers
1972-1995 ALL The Astrological Lodge of London
1994-2013 ALA Astrological Library Association 90’s

1982-1993 FFC Foundation for the Study of Cycles USA
1972-1995 RASC Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
1970-1999 ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society
1988-2015 SOCAN Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
1989-1995 WGC The Writers Guild of Canada
1989-1995 CAA Canadian Authors Association
1979-1981 Society of American Inventors