20140919-LL-Timings Intro-3756ASTROLOGY PUBLICATIONS

1975-76:Northern Lights of the Canadian Independent Astrologers Order. Editor. Published twice a year.

1976: The World Astrological Directory. In cooperation with Tony Waterfall.


1976: Astro-logic, a highly technical treatise on the I Ching and Astrology 2 volumes, 7 languages, IAO Publications, Toronto, On.

1985: Canada’s Own Canadian Farmers’ Almanac 1985, J.M.Kerr Publishing Co., Milverton, On

1989: Robin Armstrong‘s Astrological Almanac for 1990, a 200 page quality paperback published by Somerville House, distributed by Thomas Allen & Son

1990: Robin Armstrong’s Astrological Almanac for 1991, Publisher, Somerville House. Distributor, Thomas Allen & Son.

1993-1995: Editor, News By Degrees quarterly journal of NCGR, Toronto, On

1993-98: Chase Almanac, publisher W.A. Chase Medical Co., Toronto, On
1994-2009: Chase Almanac West Indies, publisher W.A. Chase Medical Co., Toronto, On

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1994: Moon Phases, the implications of each moon phase. RA Publications, Toronto

1994: Editor, AFAN’s 1995 Astrologer’s Guide, an international guide for professional astrologers. Published by AFAN. Distributed by ACS Publications, San Diego, CA

1995-1996: Editor, Zodiac Predictions, quarterly magazine, RA Publications, Toronto, On

1997: Degrees of the Zodiac and the I Ching, Eastern Systems For Western Astrologers an Anthology, published by Samuel Weiser, USA.

1997: 200 Year Ephemeris of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter & Mars technical manual, RA Publications, Toronto, On

2001-2004: Editor, Chanting Hari Om a quarterly newsletter, RA Publications, Toronto, On

2003-2004: Editor, African Drum, quarterly newsletter, Music Africa, Toronto, On

2007: I Ching The Sequence of Change, 3,500 pages associating the I Ching to astrology, kaballah, music, tai chi, genealogy etc. with new hexagram text. RA Publications, Toronto, On

2007: Real Astrology and How It Works, audio cd. RA Publications, Toronto, On

2011: I Ching: The Great Treatise: An Astrological Perspective, RA Publications. Toronto, ON

2012: Winstar Defaults, RA Publications, Toronto, ON

2019: Zodiac Pattern Types, RA Publications, Toronto, ON

2022: 360 Zodiac Degrees, RA Publications. Toronto, ON

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