The Canadian Independent Astrologers Order (CIAO)

The Canadian Independent Astrologers Order was founded in Toronto on Apr 24, 1974,

Robin Armstrong and Glenn Blakesley were the founders. Robin became the National Coordinator and Glenn became the Western Coordinator. The aim was to provide the Canadian public with access to good astrology and to provide creative outlets for Canadian Astrologers. There were coordinators for each province and the Northwest Territories.

The first national Canadian Astrology Conference “Northern Lights Astrology Conference” was held Sept. 17 to 23, 1974. It was six days long and four to six tracks simultaneously. There were 24 speakers and 17 were Canadian Astrologers from across the country.

Robin was the editor of Northern Lights of the Canadian Independent Astrologers Order. This was a biannual journal and there were four issues published, in 1975 and 1976.

After 1976 the Canadian Independent Astrologers Order dissolved itself to become members of the newly formed Fraternity of Canadian Astrologers. It was felt that two organizations would be counter productive.

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