Northern Lights Astrology Conference Sept. 17-23, 1974

Northern Lights Astrology Conference Sept. 17-23, 1974

This was the first large Canadian astrology conference. There were twenty-six speakers. Twenty speakers were astrologers from across Canada. There were three to six tracks on at the same time, so attendees had plenty of choices. 

This was a before the internet, and before home desktop computers. It was before cell phones! It ran fairly well with people filling the gaps when needed. Joanne Wickenberg, Clara Darr, Dr. Walter Coleman, Thomas Coleman, Katherine de Jersey, and Al Morrison were the American speakers.

Canadian speakers were: Robin Armstrong, Gerald Baron, Byron Barwick, Glenn Blakesley, Marlene Basat, Valerie Broege, Art Charpentier, Malcolm Dean, Jim Donahue, Ron Greening, Phillip Jagger, Marcia Masino, Chris McCrae, Sharon Mundwiler, Larry Oberlander, Eric Tarkington, Anne Toth, Derek Vernon-Brown, Hall White, and Irving Zazlov.

The entertainment came from Glen Blakesley on guitar, Jim Donahue on guitar, and the Star Gates Theatre Troup with Nanci Ahern, Jennifer Morrow and Graham Stairs.

The vegetarian banquet was prepared by the newly formed Annapurna Restaurant.

Some photos of the conference and speakers are in the gallery below.

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