Robin Armstrong

Astrology Videos

1985 The Great Debate I: Astrology Fact or Fiction? Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. An astro-physicist, a psychologist, and a physician confront two astrologers. RA Publications, Toronto.

1986 The Great Debate II: Astrology A Blessing or a Curse? A Pentecostal minister and a Catholic scholar confront Astrologer Robin Armstrong. RA Publications, Toronto, On.

1999 The Black Room V.1, Experiences in Solitude, a voyage to India and the subsequent repercussions, much of which has astrological and musical relevance. RA Publications, Toronto, On.

2000 The Black Room V.2, Visions in Solitude, the vision and its astrological implications. RA Publications, Toronto, On.

2000 The Black Room V.3, Expressions of Solitude, RA Publications, Toronto, On.

2007 Forest Woodhenge, the construction & completion of a Woodhenge in Ontario, Railway Town Productions, RA Publications, Toronto, On.

2008 Drumming The Solstice At Forest Woodhenge, June 21, 2008. The first drum circle and first public ritual at the woodhenge.

2009 Forest Woodhenge Completion Ceremony

2010 Music is Magic for Rosicrucians at Masonic Temple

2010 Celestial Harp at Forest Woodhenge

2014-2016 Many Videos on Astrology in China -(English + Mandarin)

2017-2019 English Webinar series. 1000 astrology videos on Youtube!

2018 Maps of Consciousness video at Wesak Symposium for Alternative Healing

2019 Astrology, 7 Rays and 64 Hexagrams, at Wesak Symposium on Ageless Wisdom

2019 Heliocentric Astrology video at Astrology Toronto