201505-Robin AtHome1Testimonials For Astrologer Robin Armstrong

I feel like you did a good job interpreting and presenting what you found. It certainly is a nice reference point to have a chart interpretation when raising a child.
Thanks for your insights and light. …MC…….1976-12-08 – Sunland, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciated my astral portrait. As far as I can discern, it is accurate and poignant. It is a good check list – something to steer by, and with it I have been able to explain difficult parts of my character to my closer friends. I was also surprised to see that I had a Cancer Ascendant. I always thought it was Leo, and the discovery changes my thinking. Thanks a lot, …RD….1978-02-11 – Toronto, On

I am very interested in your work and enjoy it when you are on Bill Brady’s programme on CFPL. Thank you, …HF…. 1978-03-22 – London, On

The whole point of this note was to thank you for listening, and revealing the strengths and confidence I so dearly needed to carry us through, and to drive myself forward to my goals. So thank you again and may you always live in peace. … DS …. 1978-08-21 – Kamloops, BC

Thank you very much for a delightful evening of work and inspiration. I really appreciate your skill and accuracy in helping me to pinpoint some of my problems. …JH …. 1979-09-9, Toronto, On.

Just taking a day to myself – staying home – listening to the tape of our conversation and my horoscope – feeling close to you and wanted to let you know. …AG …. 1980-01-08 — London, On

Since listening to your tape, I am adjusting myself and becoming more self-confident and more religious. Religion helped me before and I know it can help me again, if I can only get into it. …. HJ …. Burlington, On – 1980-04-20

Seldom listen to radio – but chanced to hear you on CKCK Regina the other day – and happy to get your address! Have heard of you naturally and very impressed with your accuracy – almost unbelievable! …. VD …. 1980-09-25 –  Moose Jaw, Sk

You’ve given me a lot of food for thought , re the future, where do I aim my energies, etc. … GJ …. 1980-12-12 – London, On

I certainly do appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I found it highly enlightening and interesting. The analysis is in the main correct, amazingly so. I am interested in a correspondence course. All I can say is, Hooray for Astrology. Again thanks for everything. ….DK …. 1981-04-01 – Regina Sk, 1981

Received your phone call yesterday and since then have done a lot of thinking. Things are much clearer now. Like I said, I referred back to those tapes so many times. Each time finding something that I could use. …. JC …. 1981-04-24 – Edmonton, Ab

The HOY Organization regrets not being able to bring you David Hoy’s Predictions again this year due to his untimely death on Apr 2. The search for someone worthy of the Hoy Organization’s recommendation has produced only one: Astrologer Robin Armstrong of Toronto, Canada. …. SH …. 1981-09-21 – Pahucah, Kentucky, USA

I enjoyed listening to you when you were on the Floyd Patterson program this morning, but was unable to get through to you by phone. …. HKC ….1981-10-26 – Kingston, On

Thank you for the tapes. They truly show how very well you know your subject and how well you talk to people. …. SH …. 1981-11-23 – Pahucah, Kentucky, USA

I am amazed at some of the things you did point out. ….Thanks for the time you spent on my chart. It helped me, for now I have an idea on what direction my life should go. … DK …. 1982-03-30 – Regina, Sk.

I caught your show on Tuesday, and the lady that was born on May 8th. I believe a bit in astrology but when I heard you nearly describe me, I thought I would write you and find out if you could make out my chart. …. JRH …. 1982-09-28 – Hamilton, On

Lisa enjoyed herself too and she couldn’t get over how accurate astrology is. She thought she was a secret, and didn’t realize how informative one’s birth time is. …. GJ …. 1982-10-20 – London, ON.

I also enjoy listening to you on CFPL radio. …. SF …. 1982-11-10 – Komoka, On

Your tape was here when I arrived on October 28th – many thanks!! I have an intuitive sense so that nothing on the tape surprised me and all that you said was right on!
I feel very, very good, extraordinarily positive. Many thanks, …. HD …. 1982-11-17 – London, England

Thanks so much for some interesting hours on CKOC. Sincerely. JG …. 1983-Oakville, On

To the guy who came incredibly close to reality in your tapes to me some time ago. You were right when you said that I would not want to heed some of the contents. My God how right you were about sorrows. …. KD ….1983-01-13 – Collingwood, On

You did my original horoscope April 23, 1981. It has been a great help to me. ….WD – 1983-01-26-Regina, Sk

I have listened to you on CKOC’s radio talk shows for years and have always been fascinated by them. ….MD …. 1983-06-15 – Mississauga, On.,

Thank you for being so prompt and also so very helpful in pointing out to me the most pressing issues at this time. I am still amazed at how close you can see the present and near future for me. I look forward to seeing you again. …. KD …. 1983-11-19 – Collingwood, On

Thank you Robin, for my tape of Oct 8, for making my timing chart and for giving me some confidence in myself to stand up for myself. …. HJ …. 1983-11-27 – Burlington, On

It was a great pleasure to finally meet you, and although I didn’t know what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. I find your method of astrology refreshingly new as well as accurate. Wishing you much continued success in your labour of love. Sincerely yours, … JFD …. 1984-03-27, Toronto, On

Many thanks for you tape which arrived here this morning. It is hard to disagree with your observations as I felt them in my bones, subliminal as it were ….. HD …. 1984-07-04 – London, England

This is really just to say how much I appreciated the reading with you, without doubt the best thing that has happened for me in a long time. It really did help me get a clearer perspective on a lot of things. Thank you. …. DG …. 1984-07-25, Toronto, On

I received my tape today and thought I’d write to let you know how amazing it was to listen to. I sat there, alone, and felt as if you’d known me for years and that there could be no games as my inner self was being laid before me. You are indeed skilled and perceptive. …. your insight will be a gold mine. …. I thank you for your truthfulness, insight and not failing to highlight the darks and the lights. Thank you again for your candour. …. CG …. 1984-08-27, London, On

Your reading for me was extremely helpful! My fondest wishes. …. DS …. 1984-09-08 – Chicago, IL

You sent me a complete and very accurate description of my personality, and you explained in great depths my transits, starting from the time of my birth up to then. You also made some short but very accurate predictions concerning the next few years. Sincerely, … EH …. 1984-10-22 – San Francisco, CA

I play the tapes regularly, it gives me hope for the future. Thanking you once again, yours truly, …. JN …. 1984-10-22 Burlington, ON

You really helped me in getting my mind up. I came back to Turkey after a month I saw you. Things started to go by just the way you said. I met a girl and I fell in love with her. I really took your advice and I’m really getting successful in life. Let me tell you, “You are the greatest and I appreciate you so much.” I’ve been telling everybody about you. Even if they don’t believe me, I let them listen to the tape that we recorded together. They believe right away! Best regards from Turkey. Yours sincerely, …. BD …. 1985-06-23 – Istabul, Turkey

Thanks for the reading Robin. Your accuracy in prediction and insight into personality is uncanny. I am reading the I Ching now. Will contact later, … CH …. 1985 – Toronto, ON

I have a very nice compliment for you from one of the ladies I work with. She said that you have a very nice voice and that with all the astrologers, and psychics etc – you made the most sense and obviously know what you are talking about. …. DK …. 1986-06-11 – Regina, Sk

I heard you on CKCK radio in Regina and was quite impressed. …. BF …. 1986-07-25 – Regina, Sk,

Thank-you Robin for all your super emotional support. It is much appreciated. With all the turmoil going on around me I have finally arrived at a place of calm and strength within myself, now to develop it and apply. …. PF …. 1987-04-22 – Toronto, On

Thank-you for as always being there for me. The road that I have been on was seeming darker every day and I thank you for giving me a ray of light. Although I know that life is rarely totally smooth sailing after spending time with you yesterday I feel better equipped to handle the waves. …. GD …. 1987-05-13 – Toronto, On.

I feel somewhat relieved to know that you don’t see anything sinister in my son’s chart, and I must tell you that you described my son’s personality and actions perfectly. … SK …. 1988-06-07 – Regina, Sk

The I Ching Chart is fascinating! …. JD …. 1988-11-07 – Toronto, On.

I am still appreciating the work you did for me last summer. You were of monumental help. Sincerely, … LC …. 1989-01-01-London, On

A belated note to acknowledge your Almanac. I predict it will be an annual!
I know nothing about astrology but I have paged through a good many astrology texts and almanacs. Yours is by far the finest: clearly written, cogently argued, produced from a position of strength.
What I particularly enjoyed was the prominence given to Canada and things Canadian. The horoscopes of public figures were fresh and original. I feel it marks a new departure, one consistent with the principle of prophecy and professionalism. I even found “quotable quotes” in the book. …. JRC …. 1989-01-02 – Toronto, ON

After many years of listening to you on the radio, I have decided to meet with you personally, and use your service. … RG …. 1989-04-20 – Dundas, ON

Great having a person to person with you on the phone. You sounded so positive! … AC …. 1989-09-25 – Toronto, On

Have enjoyed listening to you on the Wayne Mclean Show on CFRB a number of times. …. SJ …. 1989-11-08 – Richmond Hill, On

Finally made it to Florida. Wanted to thank you for your encouragement and good humour. … AC …. 1990-02-12 – West Palm Beach, Florida

A few weeks ago I was visiting …… and meditating on the unfolding drama, as reflected in the stars, of my destiny with the East. …. was also able to bring in some correspondences with the I Ching through your work, which was deeply moving, relevant and helpful. I look forward to speaking with you personally when I am next in Toronto. Warmest regards, …. JG …. 1990-06-16-Hong Kong

I look over the notes from the way you read my chart and continue to be amazed by your understanding. Thank you for helping me to understand my life! … CH …. 1990-New York, NY

Am back from England and got your newsletter. How about that Meech Lake? You were BANG ON! Congratulations! You’re the “Right Stuff”! Lots of love and keep smiling! … AC …. 1990-07-03 – Stuart, Fl

I am familiar with your almanacs, They are original for lay-women such as myself in that they focus on energy and movement rather than substance….. I relied on last year’s moon calendar and this year’s seems it will be vastly useful with its weekly patterns and descriptions so visible. Thanks and much success with them. … VDL …. 1990-12-04 – Toronto, On

You have given me a great deal of insight into myself over the years, which I greatly appreciate. … CH …. 1991 – New York, NY

I am just publishing a book about sexually abused adolescents. I am aware that the seed for this project was probably planted when I came to see you many years ago and you suggested that I learn to write and use a computer! Robin, you have been an important guide to me in several key areas of my life. Thank you. … AC ….1991-01-21 – London, On

Its been an interesting period of time here – am keeping very busy, and doing the I Ching which is helping a great deal. I cherish the quiet times, as these are the moments of inspirations. Grace – is basically the underlying theme which, when I remember, is a saving Grace for me. The challenges come in the most interesting forms – and when I can get calm, still and centered, they turn out to be blessings. … AC …. 1991-02-28 – Stuart, Fl

You have given me a great deal of insight into myself over the years, which I greatly appreciate. … CH …. 1991 – New York, NY

I’ve always enjoyed your many appearances on CITY-TV but can never get through! … JG …. 1991-07-29 – Toronto, On

I got so much out of it in the class last night and I would like to take it further into the timings etc. So please let me know as soon as possible when it’s convenient for you to see me. Thanks a lot. …. HE …. 1991-10-00 – Toronto, On

Thanks for the tape Explorations II. It is great. Love to do tai chi while it is playing. …GJ …. 1991-10-16 – London, On

Two of my students knew about your almanac before it came out & one gave me a copy as she distributes for publishers, the other student owns a children’s book store. Also my daughter gave me a copy for Christmas. I gave one to my son. … GJ …. 1991-12-29 -– London, ON.

I have enjoyed the interview and discussion with you and wish to thank you for the insight you gave me. It has cautioned me, explained my past decisions, pointed and charted in a certain way the future. Thank you and I may take the liberty to call on you for further discussions and advice. Kind regards, … HJG …. 1992-09-21 – Mississauga, On

Thank-you muchly! The reading helped ground me and got me back on track. You have grown in your synthesis of the spiritual and planetary since my last reading. … AG …. 1992-11-09 – Oakville, On

Sure miss your classes, but find the deep understanding comes wherever I am. Its not quite the same, lacks your humour! … AC …. 1993-08-93 – Sprucedale, On

Many thanks for taking the time to see me and look at my chart yesterday. You have given me a great deal of hope and have lifted me out of my darkest hours. Thank God the days are now getting longer and the darkness shorter! …IR …. 1993-12-23 – Toronto, On

I am sure you feel wonderful about all the people you’ve helped with astrology, teaching & counseling, when you look back over your life. And just think of all the people in the future you can help guide their lives. You have a wonderful talent, a gift to give. … GJ …. 1996-12-16 – London, On

What a delight – getting acquainted with you and getting a real “wake-me-up” star chart! I am still processing the whole idea of making dramatic changes. Thank you. … LR …. 2002-08-19 – Sudbury, On

The reason I’m writing to you is to inquire about scheduling a session with you regarding your astrological wizardry. By the way, I am not making light of your talents, I’ve heard your tapes and watched your video and you impress me in a way that is hard to articulate. Warm regards, … LC …. 2007-01-04 – Toronto, On

I really enjoyed your yearly predictions, and so far they seem to be true. I’, a Gemini June 19, falling into your special category. Thanks. … MG …. 2007-05-18 – Aurora, On

Thanks again for the great reading. It was a pleasure to meet you. … CF …. 2007-09-15 – Buffalo, NY

I just had to write and thank you for the wonderful job you did at our recent “Party in Pink” gala. We were all lucky to have had you there. My client was especially happy to have an expert like yourself doing readings at their fundraising event because it was something more sophisticated and unique beyond hiring a fortune teller or psychic, who more often than not, are just a gimmick. You are the real deal when it comes to being one of Canada’s leading astrologers. You are so good at what you’ve been doing all your life that you can truly tell someone SO much just by doing planetary calculations your head just knowing their date of birth! It’s amazing.
Thank you for helping make our event a success, Robin! … KT …. 2008-02-17 – Burlington, On

It was an amazing lecture you managed during the course of the Psychic Show here in Hamilton, ON. It was the first time ever I experienced your professional performance- was taken by your genuine approach regarding our lives. You make people feel welcome, understood and further more, you have what it takes to bring clear aspects of any topic on your agenda. So, I wanted to let you know, YOU MADE MY Day- and of course my future undergoes a tremendous turnaround (in remission of my non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma). I am ongoing 62 but, I feel and act differently. Just like a RECYCLED TEENAGER! … GH …. 2008-04-04 – Hamilton, On

Yesterday in a moment of darkness I stumbled upon a reading (on audio tape) you gave me a few months ago. When I listened to it, I was amazed, once again, at how accurate your readings are. You are a true professional. I am astounded in how your predictions and advice can change or direct one’s life…including mine. Thank you. A million of them. …. MDM …. 2009-07-02 – Newmarket, On

Thank-you for checking out my chart for me. I really appreciate your insight. It is interesting how our friends know us better than we do. You have given me wonderful advice. … GJ …. 2009-10-21 – London, On

What a beautiful interpretation of the I Ching. It is inspiring and reminds us to keep our focus on what is of importance to us. I pray that your spiritual nature continues to grow and positively influence those around you. …LD …. 2010-02-05 – Oliver, BC

I just wanted to thank you again for the scholarship. I am enjoying the classes more than anything I have ever studied and am excited about what the future holds as I learn more. Thank you for the opportunity!  ….SW … 2011-10-13

I had a 4 minute reading by you about 2 years ago on the radio.  It was awesome!!! how you saw so much in so short a time.  From that day, I decided that I wanted to be “that” good at reading charts.  What an influence you are!
Blessings and Thanks, JI….2012-04-22 … Annapolis, MD

After a 2-year hiatus, Robin Armstrong will be back at SOTA, lecturing on the equator, the ecliptic, and fixed stars. Come and find out why Robin is not only a legend but one of Canada’s true astrological grand masters!  DT…2013-03-05

He’s doing a correspondence course and also teaching locally, but he hasn’t been traveling of late. He is one of a kind and he has SO much knowledge. I think sometimes here in Canada we don’t appreciate our own people anywhere near enough. If it wasn’t for Robin, I don’t think astrology in Canada would be where it is today. Certainly not in Toronto and perhaps not elsewhere either…DT…20130305

Thanks for the message. You are so right about fear and doubt! At such a crossroads in my life. Not sure what direction to take, and getting older it seems the choices are getting limited. You have always been so accurate with your readings. I think I should make an appointment ….LM…Ont., Canada…..20160321

I first of all wanted to send you my sincere gratitude for the reading yesterday for xxxx and I. We were both deeply moved and felt so reassured to see things in a different light. You really helped me to understand that there’s nothing wrong with the way I am and that it is time for me to part from the expectations of the world, and stop trying to fit into a conventional way of living. I see this opening a lot of new doors, so thank you so much!…LS…20160803

 You told me I would leave nursing at about the time I did. If your in the area again for a conference could you please let me know? Your teachings have influenced me greatly. ….SF….Calgary…20161003

@Robin Armstrong thanks for your reading back to 3 yrs ago. you mentioned that i would look for my a option for my career, be a director or screenwriter helping others via art . i thought that was insane. the past year things have become true. thanks for your wiseful and insightful reading! you are the best! happy dog year!…..M….20180216

Thank you so much for your email. It’s a surprise to receive a birthday greeting and your words hit me with power, like someone see me through and enlighten me with his wisdom and experience, I almost cry seeing the issue that you have pointed out and that’s my real problem, I reach a limit and need to find the things that really sparkle my life. You suggested me to take a course, and I think there is no other good things than to re-listen to your teaching recordings and find myself in the course. Thank you so much my dear mentor, you are giving me the best birthday gift I ever have…..GJ…Shanghai….20180622

Thank You, Robin. So much is falling beautifully into place. The astrological info that you shared with & about me, all the way back to the 1970s , is unfolding as you predicted. My music & songs have become important to me again, & I now sound better than I ever have. I must add that gratitude is almost a constant energetic state for me over these last 2 months. I think the full moon in Sagittarius in late June or early July was the point where I began to strongly feel the change. I see that you’ve read my Thank You Post for My Birthday Wishes which pretty much explains the situation. I thank you for your part in this. You have been a powerful & positive influence, because of your ‘enlightening readings’, which have always been a source of insight & hope, energizing my faith to keep on keeping on. Thank You seems inadequate in expressing my gratitude; but Thank You, I do!…..dp….Toronto…..20190830

Thank you my friend, I will always remember our Astro session and you kindly asking me to teach, travel …and not to expect a good relationship in this life time. I had a hard time believing at that moment ,  however , life showed me that you were right ( I have not given up entirely but I switched my focus to other interests). So I made peace with lover boy and focussed on reading, spending time with friends and family and doing some travel. And yes, I am at peace and happy most of the time……c……Toronto….20191023

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