IAO Research Library

IAO Research Library of Divine Science and the Healing Arts

The IAO Research Centre was started on June 9, 1972 in Toronto. It was registered to be a vortex of inspiration and creativity. Information about astrology, I Ching, Qabalah and the mysticism and religions associated with them, would be collected and made accessible.

Within a year or two a library was started. The IAO Research Library of Divine Sciences, Parapsychology and the Healing Arts. The library began with about 5,000 books and over the years grew to a collection of about 75,000 items. Over 500 people donated books to make the library and over the years a few special collections were added. At its peak there were about 300 users a month and between 30 and 50 active volunteers.

The library name eventually settled in as the IAO Research Library of Divine Sciences and the Healing Arts. The photos below represent different phases of the library, with its moves and upsizing. In the end there were over 100 eight-foot bookshelves and 40 five-drawer filing cabinets and 6 to 10 computers.

In 2000 the library was put into storage and by the end of 2001, it was purchased and then given to a Rabbi with a large Qabalah library of his own. My relationship to the library ended, but all debts were completely paid off.

The new library was passed on and set up as functional. Unfortunately, the new library did not survive even three years. The assets were seized and disappeared. That was the end of it!

Now with computer databases, libraries are a digital wonderland and so much more material is available. The IAO Research Library lasted for almost 30 years, one Saturn cycle. It was a source of inspiration for many and it was a catalyst for spiritual knowledge.  I lived, worked and taught my classes inside the library for 30 years. This was a most valuable and formative time of my life. It grounded my understanding of Astrology and its relevance. The IAO Research Library was a great environment to be in.

IAO Research Library

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