Forest Woodhenge

In February 2007 a friend of mine, Bill Frey, were talking about stone henges and wood henges, Bill said he was always fascinated with these circles. I replied that I knew how to build them but never had property to build one on. Bill said he had just the place. He drove me there the next day! It was still winter but he showed me the property and we looked for an appropriate site. Then we went home. We returned in the spring to find that the site looked very different and that there would be a lot of work cleaning the forest before we could begin to build the wood henge.

One day a week, it took the summer to complete the first four circles. This was 30 post. Holes four feet deep had to be hand drillled, but roots and stones also had to be removed. By the Fall Equinox as semblance of the woodhenge emerged.

In 2008 we completed the fifth circle of 32 more posts and post holes!

In 2009 we completed the 6th circle of 64 posts and post holes!

This was now a sacred space! I had felt bad cutting down the tall pines, but now the oak trees were glowing radiantly around the woodhenge and I understood that we had restored the oak forest.

The woodhenge was complete and now we began to visit and have ceremonies there. We often would just sit in the centre and listen. Sometimes we would chant but even then we took time to listen. Over the next few years we had drum circles and brought many visitors.

You can see the whole process on THE FOREST WOODHENGE WEBSITE:

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